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One Up Mushroom Products is a company dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms. Formerly known as The Mushroom Source, you may have already tried our gourmet mushrooms at some of the best restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. 

As One Up Mushroom Products, we continue to cultivate and distribute the highest quality mushrooms for our customers, but we’ve also expanded our range of operations to include a variety of mushroom-based dietary supplements and food products. We are passionate about the world of mycology and the seemingly endless possiblilties, benefits, and solutions that the fungi kingdom can provide. 

Our current catalog of products is divided into three general categories: Gourmet, Wellness, and Merch. We grow delicious, nutritious, high-quality gourmet mushrooms that can be consumed fresh or preserved by dehydration, and we also make all-natural wellness supplements in the form of dual extract tinctures from the especially beneficial mushroom species we cultivate. In addition, we have some cool merchandise and apparel available through our collaborations with local artists and designers because we love promoting the arts and having dope designs on our merch.

Thanks for stopping by! We are at your service for any of your mushroom needs.
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In addition to selling our mushroom products under the One Up brand, we also offer the following mycological solutions:
Private labeling & product development
Consulting for mushroom cultivation
Education & community outreach
Mushroom farm tours
Pink Oyster Mushroom
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About Us
One Up Mushroom Products is a company dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms.
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