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Dehydrated Black Pearl Mushrooms 1.5 Oz

Dehydrated Black Pearl Mushrooms 1.5 Oz


Dehydrated Black Pearl Mushrooms 1.5 Oz.

Try our Black Pearl (pleurotus ostreatus X eryngii) mushrooms in a convenient, dehydrated presentation that not only lasts longer in the pantry but also presents many opportunities for culinary experimentation. Reconstitute them by soaking in water for a few minutes and cook as you usually would, or you can also use dry mushrooms by crushing or pulverizing them and adding into soups, stocks, seasonings, and sauces for an added savory umami kick!

This oyster mushroom hybrid has a slew of health benefits: they are fat free, low in calories, and packed with vitamins and minerals. If you're trying to introduce more iron, calcium, Vitamin C, or B complex vitamins into your diet, this is a great mushroom for you!

This oyster mushroom hybrid is known for its savory mushroom taste that pairs well with pretty much any food or style of cuisine. Incorporating Black Pearl mushrooms in the diet can help provide a range of nutritional benefits like high B and C vitamins, minerals like iron and calcium, proteins, and important natural statins that help regulate healthy blood levels by lowering cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not just delicious, but healthy too! Try them today!

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